Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful disaster.

I wish I could sit here and confidently write that the story of my life is all about a young woman who is fearless. That I very rarely make mistakes, and when I do I always learned my lesson right away. I'm organized and always on time. I never complain and I always have a good attitude. I take huge risks and trust God immensely with every part of my life and I would never dare question His will for my life.

If you know me, you'd be laughing at that last paragraph.

This is the real story of my life: I am fearful of many many many things. I am constantly making mistakes day in and day out, and most of the time I have to be hit over the head a few times until I learn my lesson. My life is a mess, I'm constantly going or doing something. I never manage to be on time unless I'm a few hours early. I complain about almost everything that doesn't go my way and I can be a very grumpy person more often than not. I like to stay in my comfort zone and trust God with the small parts of my life so I don't have to experience discomfort or pain. I question His will for my life every single day, sometimes hourly.

BUT thankfully, my life isn't about me. It's a story about redemption and an unconditional love that will never relent. It's all about a God who sees my fear, and uses His Holy Spirit to push me to overcome my fears so that His love will be made perfect in me. My mistakes show His grace and that even when I push myself away from Him, He died for me anyways. That's true love. Even when my life is a complete wreck His peace is powerful in my life. With every complaint I utter, God reminds me that He is enough for me. He is enough to satisfy everyone. Who am I to not be joyful about that? Who am I to question God's plans? Who am I to not trust Him with my life?

I'm nobody. I'm a mess. I'm a disaster. I can't do anything right. I make endless mistakes and get myself into huge perdicaments. I'm rotten and spoiled. I don't trust and I don't love. And all of those things are what make my life story all about God. He chose me. He used my nothingness to show that He is something! He took my life and made it beautiful. I'm His mess and His disaster. He is molding me by my mistakes and pruning me of my rotten and spoiled outlook on life. He is softening my heart to trust Him in a way unimaginable. I'm learning how to fall in love.

I don't want to know what my life would be without You Lord. I don't want to run away from what You've called me to. I want to fall so madly in love with You that I chase after you, even though that means I have to lose my life. I pour my life out completely to You. I'll give You all of me, so that it won't be my life but Yours.

But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you. Philippians 2:17


  1. I don't think you know me, but I'm a freshman at Union County High School. My name is Marisa and I've seen you before at a couple of youth retreats (I think it was D-Now). I think your blog is really inspiring. I love how close of a relationship you have with God, and that you have the ability to trust him as fully as you can. My relationship with God has been wavering lately because a lot of turmoil has been going on. My youth minister was fired, along with a bunch of other personal issues. But, I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing. :)

  2. i just found your blog through my friend bill boemanns and i love it!!! i have my own blog and he thought i would enjoy yours and he was right!!!thanks for being bold in the Lord because it helps to encourage other people like me who are trying to the same. happy monday!!!