Friday, August 17, 2012

Soup Kitchen

Tomorrow evening we will be going back into Woodville (a small township) and we are distributing bread, soup, other non perishables and some of the towels that the HGBC team left here in SA. Pray for the follow up process as these people and children will realise that I am staying here for good and that they can allow themselves to trust me. Pray that their stomachs won't just be full with food, but that their hearts can be full of peace and love if Christ is their Lord. Please pray specifically for 4 little girls whom we made close relationships with at Holiday Bible Club, "T" "C" "N" and "Z" as they realise I will be coming back to visit and help them regularly. Pray they open up to me and that they can understand God is bigger than their circumstances. Pray that their parents will know that Jesus can break any addiction that is in their lives. I would love if you could also pray for me and others in Bonteheuwel Baptist church tomorrow evening as we do our weekly drug outreach ministry. From 10 p.m. to around 2 a.m. we will stand at different places in the streets and invite people in for warm tea/coffee and hot dogs or soup. Pray that people won't be afraid to come into the church and that we can simply build relationships with them. Pray that as we build relationships and initiate conversations, that Christ can be presented to them in clarity and that their addictions and any bondages over their lives will be broken by Jesus' blood if they would simply ask of Him. I will do my best to post photos when I get home! Thank you for your prayers!

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